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1. Background

The students’ life department at Azm School is an integrated department within the School vision in being the leader in education in the 21rst century. The SL department proposes  innovative socio-educational programs and projects that contribute in building a student who is a responsible citizen, leader in society, skilled socially and emotionally, and able to create a positive change in his environment.

 The department strategy requires a long term commitment, support and collaboration among school, families, students and community members. The result is a more vital School for helping students become capable and contributing members of society.

The department proposes five programs that will embrace different aspects of student’s world. 


2. Objectives

• Building students talents and capacities and providing them with external exposure.

• Promoting students’ leadership and enhancing their governance in the school environment.

• Engaging youth in the practice of good citizenship and global citizenship through cooperation and service to others.

• Providing students with an “in depth” self-discovery for a more precise career planning.


3. Programs

The department is expected to run the following 5 programs:


A- Afterschool activities program

After School Activities program is an integral part of the comprehensive educational experience that is offered to AZM students starting Preschool years. After school activities are designed to develop a child’s talent, skill and interest. Those activities combine both recreational and educational factors and once learned, have a positive impact on the children’s self-esteem. 

After school activities consists on sports, art, Drama and music activities; in addition to students’ Clubs.


B- Leadership program

Leadership program is designed at AZM School to provide students with the opportunity to acquire the sort of communication, conflict resolution, organizational skills which will be of benefit to them in their future lives. It enables students to take envision for the future and take responsibility in the school environment, and to demonstrate that they can make a successful change. The student in result will be acquiring a variety of competencies and skills that will contribute to his personal development process.

 Students’ councils and Prefect training, participation in MUN (Model of the United Nations) and MAL ( Modele of Arab league)  are examples within this program.



C- Citizenship program

Based on AZM School Motto “Citizens to lead”, AZM School believes in citizenship education. The main objective of this program is to educate the students on social responsibility, activate their citizenship skills, and provide them with the opportunity of applying democratic participation within the School environment, in order to become actors of change within their community. 

The community service program is an example of this program, where each student in secondary school is required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of community service prior to his graduation; activities in which he/she is directly interacting with local community or a population dealing with a social problem within a nonprofit organizations (NGO) that serve the larger community. 





D- Entrepreneurship program

AZM School is committed to offer work readiness program, entrepreneurship and financial literacy programs through experimental hands on activities. This program is conducted in partnership with Injaz Lebanon which is affiliated to Injaz Al ARAB and Junior Achievement Worldwide.  The objective of this program is to enhance entrepreneurial skills and to consider it as a choice for our students ‘future career orientation. 

“It’s my business”, “company program” and “more than money” are examples of those programs.


E- Career Guidance program

The career guidance program provides support, guidance and coaching for students to make constructive career decisions. This will be done through a personalized approach that responds to students’ interests, abilities, motivation, and personal characteristics. This program is conducted in collaboration with Waznat.


F- Parental involvement program

AZM School believes that parents are school partners in education. Engaging parents in the school environment and promoting their participation will add a value to the learning process.

The parent Volunteer is an example of project in this program.


G- School events and trips 

AZM School offers the opportunity for students to learn and enjoy. Students have the opportunity to participate in all school events that are part of the educational experience. Trips, concerts, entertainment activities are integral part of the students learning.